T & T Go to White Castle

Hi N!

Well, another Valentine's Day has come and gone. T and I aren't huge Valentines celebrators because it's so close to our birthdays but we usually do get each other a little something or have something special for dinner. Well, this year, T made secret reservations at a restaurant and I didn't know where we were going until we pulled into the parking lot. To my delight, we pulled into the White Castle on Lake Street. Apparently every Valentine's Day the White Castles all across the country close down except for people who make reservations. You get a nice, plastic table cloth, your own server, a personal photographer and candle light. I have to say, it was pretty funny. Everyone there just looked like they were going to burst out laughing, including the staff, who were great. T and I shared the "Sweetheart Special" of ten White Castle sliders (ten!), two french fries and two drinks. Here are our (more like, my) leftovers.

Hope you and the fam had a nice day yesterday.

I also wanted to let you know that the ladies at the garden store gushed over my lovely button brooch. I told them a very talented friend of mine made it for me.

Please excuse the awful model, she's had a long day and needs some rest (and a hair stylist).

Have a nice night. One more work day until the long weekend! Oh yeah, Canadians don't have Prime Minister's Day. Hehehehe.....