Diamonds in the Rough

Dearest N,

First of all, thank you a million times over, for the birthday books. How inspiring they both are. As I read through Knitting for Peace I nearly wept and immediately wanted to knit for all of those preemies, children of war and victims of domestic violence. I could also use some of the patterns from Bend the Rules Sewing for charity, and of course, for myself. The sweet, pleated tote bag is calling my name and I know my nieces would love the puppet theatre.
The delicious birthday books

But alas I must wait just a little bit longer before I can delve into any new projects as I must deal with some pressing matters. On the night of my birthday I was hit by another car making a left hand turn and found myself beneath the airbags, scrambling to get out of the car. Airbag smoke is toxic and does not smell very good. Anyway, no one was injured but for any one who has been in a car accident, it does shake you up. I am now dealing with insurance companies and tracking down police reports. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my birthday but lucky for me, there were no injuries and I have a wonderful husband who did manage to make it a happy birthday. I had asked for a bag of flour for part of my birthday gift, because I'm practical and also because I like to have flour around all the time for my baking. I got my bag of flour and inside it was hiding a most lovely diamond pendant necklace (inside of a box of course). Do I have a romantic husband or what? He wanted to make my first birthday as a wife a very special one. Swoon.

So, I am very thankful that although I was in a car accident on my birthday, I have the best husband ever and THE BEST blog buddy this side of the Mississippi (or any river for that matter).

Thanks for the birthday blog post. Unicorns are real!


Montreal Mama said...

I love Knitting for Peace - what a great book!

Katherine said...

Happy birthday! I'm glad you are okay - what a scary thing to have happen. I can't wait to see what you make from Bend-The-Rules Sewing; it looks like it is full of fun projects.