A Walk to the Park

B dragged me and my knitting to the park along the river after dinner. I was tired from work, and my tummy was full, but I relented, and I don't regret a single minute. We started off with our sweaters slung over my bag, but on the way back home an hour later, we had to throw them on to stay warm. It was a beautiful evening with just the right amount of sun to take a few good pictures including some native flowers, the underbelly of a wild mushroom and some leaves that display fall in action. I managed to knit several rows of the shawl, and B ran and climbed off some energy. It was full of smiles and wonder. It was absolutely rejuvenating. For this, I am thankful.



Katherine said...

Beautiful pictures. I love evenings like that.

Oh, and my copy of the new Mason-Dixon is going to arrive today! (Copying you again!)