No Socks Today

In these tough economic times, you have find ways to cut back. I can’t say that we’ve had to cut back on too much, considering we’ve been lucky and both still have our jobs (knock on wood). We’re fairly frugal people (read “cheap”) and tend to not make very many impulse purchases. I spent two weeks debating whether I should get that iPod Touch or not. The jury is in, by the way, and I got it and really love it. It’s super fun and not to mention useful with applications to download like iKnit Needle Sizer and KnitGauge and it allows me to keep up with all of your wonderful blogs.
Anyway, I do have a point, which is my decision to teach myself to knit a sock (for the 200th time) and save money by not taking a class, which would put me back $60. I’m thinking that although I’ve met sock knitting with only failure, I have the determination to give it another go, after all, I did teach myself to knit using only internet resources. Over the weekend I found a sock pattern on Ravelry and started it using the Magic Loop method and my hot off of eBay Addi’s. It was going fine until the heel turn, no surprise there, but I figured it out and continued despite a few minor mistakes, which I chose to just ignore. To make a long story short, many little mistakes add up to too many little mistakes to ignore and off to frog land went the sock. So now I’m back to square one but I did learn a lot from my mistakes, and like my very wise friend, N, tells me, you just have to get past that first sock and everything will be fine. I will heed your advice and cast on for yet another attempt once I’ve watched a few more YouTube videos on turning a heel, and as soon as I find that $60. I think my sanity is worth at least that much!


c.Rachel said...

It's sleek and cute too! =)

I would love to learn to knit some socks too! It's the heel that scares me. I might do a heel-less pair. =D ha ha ha!

I applaud your determination!!

Lupie said...

I taught myself to make socks and I know you can also.
I think it is better to start with DPN's. Use DK or sport yarn and size 6 or 7 US needles and make bed socks first. The yarnharlot had a basic yarn pattern in her Knitting Rules book that is very easy. I feel once you understand the basic concept you will be find and then go to magicloop. I am not a fan of magicloop because I love my DPN's but I may give it another try someday.
Save your $60! You can do this trust me.

Megan said...

I love magic loop!

I taught myself to knit socks using the book: "I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks" and it was super easy. I highly recommend the book- I've seen it at Michaels and other big box craft stores.

Although I knit my first sock with kitchen cotton on size 4 dpns! I knew nothing about gauge and fibers.

And I just downloaded Iknit and KnitGauge onto my iphone yesterday- they seem pretty neat so far.

Katherine said...

You can do it! There is a whole string on Rav about sock tips...

I found it helpful. Now, there are knitting applications out there? Excuse me; I must go get them.

knitty_kat said...

I think the best sock to start with is top down, traditional heel flap. It teaches you the way that a sock is constructed and gives you something to base all future socks on.

Go for something simple. Take it step by step. Hey, if you can whip up a cake without batting an eye, you can totally do a pair of socks!

(congrats on the iPod!)

~RaenWa~ said...

I have been eyeballing an ipod its so nice but my luck its so slim I would end up misplacing it somewhere. I will say this for socks if I can make a sock anyone can lol I think you will be cranking out socks before you know it.