No Signal Detected

I need to edit my photos more.  I am normally too lazy to touch them up, but I really should.  I found this in my photo archives, and it had to be taken early on in the summer.  I had to put that blanket on the white sofa because the cat was leaving an obvious fur blanket all over it.  The hazy 70's-look to the photo must have been an experiment with some photo editor, but I have no idea which one I used.  I'm going to have to add that to my sleuthing list.

The To-Sleuth List
  • What the heck was that yarn I used to knit the spiral hats?
  • What photo editor application made my fur-covered sofa look so dang cool?
  • When will all the teen emo drama end?
  • Why does the soccer ball always go to the opposing team when I kick it?
  • What was I thinking when I cast on for a cardigan with lace-weight yarn?
  • How do I find an oompa loompa to do my yard work?
Off to find some clues . . .



knitty_kat said...

A) you find out, let me know
B) you find out, let me know (have you tried Acorn?)
C) you find out, let the world know!!
D) you find out, let the team know. ;)
E) let me help you with this one, see C
F) If you find one, it's mine. Send it back!!

BTW, you go for the ball far more in practise than in real games. Bring the practise to the game!

inkberryblue said...

Gorgeous photo!
Funny post!
Gosh, I'd love an oompa loompa too.

Lori said...

Great picture! Very serene looking.

Good luck with the sleuthing. (that word is hard to get right on the first try!)