Dear friends

A couple days after our last post, we realized that we had hit the ceiling of our image limit on blogger. This was a bit of a roadblock. Would we pay the blogger troll and continue to stumble along, or was this an opportunity for something new? It didn’t take long for us to decide that this was fate telling us that better things awaited us elsewhere, but it has been very hard writing this final post in this shared space. We’ve had hundreds of good times here. 772 good times to be exact. The good thing is that this space isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’ll be like that little notched heart carved into a tree trunk. We were here. We knit, we read, we baked, we made silly faces, we grew, we wrote, we danced, we sewed, we liked, we walked, we cried, we laughed, we sang, one of us got married, we travelled, we played, we took pictures, we learned, we shared . . . and then we left.

I’ve not gone far. I’ve defected over to wordpress. It’s a bit scary not holding on to T’s hand, but she needs to be hands-free shortly because she’s expecting, and I’m expecting that her hands will be more than full with a new chubby bubby. So let’s not be sad. It’s all good.