Winter Wonderland

Just when we thought we were finished with winter, we woke up on Friday to everything covered in snow.  It was hard to get upset considering the destructive earthquakes and tsunamis in other parts of the world.   I took this opportunity to stay cozy under my mohair throw and knit like the wind.  And wouldn't you know it, I finished my cardigan, and then I spent an insane amount of hours seaming the pieces together and weaving in the gazillion ends on Sunday.   So I'm giving myself a well-deserved break, and I've cast on a simple stockinette sock with some pretty striped Black Lamb fingering weight superwash wool.  It's my first and most favourite sock yarn.  And I'm wearing my cardigan today.  It's so warm and toasty.  LOVE.

I have a few days of work this week and then a long weekend in store for me.   I've planned some 'making' and a trip to the sugar bush for pancakes and syrup.  MMmmmm . . .  Fingers crossed that no one gets sick.

Happy Monday!


We're always guaranteed to have fun at the Children's Museum.  We can go to outerspace, pretend to work in a restaurant, play with words, and teach in a turn-of-the-century classroom - all in one morning.  Soon there will be a new Arctic gallery, and well, that tickles us pink.  I hope there's ice fishing!

Here's to the weekend!

A Recap of Sorts

Just popping in to say . . .
  • The tulips have bloomed and are falling over.
  • Hot apple fritters have been discovered.
  • Tomato & spinach soup was whipped up with lots of basil accidentally.
  • The Aidez cardigan is super close to completion, and it would have been done much sooner had I not been distracted by this knit which I happened to finish in one week.  Whew!
  • March Break is only a week away.  I'm thinking a day at the sugar bush 'cause we loves our maple-y syrup.  Mmmmm . . .  That's totally worth a vacation day.