I found these in the 'panic room', and I'm in charge of getting rid of them. Aren't they awesome? There must be a tonne more of these vintage Fisher Price little people - no longer safe for playing as apparently they are a choking hazard, but they're certainly collectibles! Now to figure out eBay. Am I the only person intimidated by eBay?


Montreal Mama said...

OH MY! How much do you want for them? Sean would love them.

Trade you for yarn???!!


kataish said...

DANGEROUS!? Thats what I played with when I was a kid. Little People were awesome!

Kids don't know danger these days!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning a Plastic Bag Rehab bag. Please email me at DANNYBLOG@AOL.COM your mailing address so I can get one your way.
Danny Seo

knitty_kat said...

DUDE!! I don't want all of them. . but I'll SO take some of them. Please tell me you have the ones in the top pic still?!?!

LOL - you want more grey Lana or what?