Well, let's catch y'all up on my adventures. Let's see . . . oh, I finished the lace ribbon scarf, but it's been set aside for blocking. What a relief. I love it dearly, and I enjoyed the last two months of knitting it, but I am quite pleased to go on to the next project.

In between knitting the monumental scarf it turned out to become, I knit cowls. Chunky alpaca cowls. I scored three rich purple skeins of Inca Gold Alpaca (sadly discontinued) from Adriana, and they will become Christmas gifts for three undecided lucky ladies. I've knit up one, two more to go. So easy! Thank you, again, Adriana!

I have also learned the magic of dyeing wool from the brilliant Jenny! You can read all about that adventure over here at Isa's blog. No use reiterating all that again - it's THAT good.

Isn't it sherbert-y loveliness? I haven't a clue what it is going to be. Socks?



Adriana said...

The cowl looks awesome!! I love that stitch pattern.
You have some lucky ladies in your life :)

knitty_kat said...

you finished it? Geez. See what happens when I make you knit?

BTW, I REALLY do love that purple. Maybe you should TRY making one with a provisional cast on. Cuz, ya know, I like that colour. And I'm a lady (NOT!). And well . .just saying. And I have a big head, so keep that in mind OK? (hee!)

OzB said...

Hey N, love the cowl, and LOVE the tangerine variegated yarn! Woo hoo - love they dyeing process :-)

Montreal Mama said...

Oh, that peach yarn is delicious!