The Masters

I love this picture of my pop teaching the grandkids how to play bocce taken a few weeks ago. They were serious bocce sharks in my humblest opinion.

We're in the midst of doing some last-minute summer cleaning and renos. We're getting ready for September. I am hankering for autumn like you wouldn't believe. I am in the mood for apple-picking and homework and ballet classes and knitting woolly mittens and drinking lattes to stay warm.

Until then, chin up.



Katherine said...

Love that! Bocce sharks - snort!

I'm dreaming of autumn too. We're already into homework (who knew kindergarteners get homework?) but I'm hankering after some mittens.

Unknown said...

We're apple picking this weekend, the early varieties are ripe.

Bocce is played at all family events in my family, if the weather is warm enough we have an easter to thankgiving season.