Miracles Do Happen

This is not me knitting. These are the hands of a bored pre-teen who was given the option of either learning how to ride a bike or knit. She must be terrified of riding a bike.
This little baby is going to be seamed up to be one wristwarmer. I'm not sure I am ready to share my precious stash just yet. The kid is a flippin' natural.
And just so the little B wouldn't feel excluded, I gave her a little hoop and a scrap of cotton and a blunt needle armed with some embroidery thread, and she drew a little blue heart and carefully stabbed the needle around it. Sadly, the red stitching is mine. I don't think I am ready for embroidery just yet.

I'm curious to see where these two are headed with their new skills. I am insanely thrilled to see them holding on to needles and string.



Sherry said...

Ella's knitting is wonderful! Someday I bet she loves it! I think she will grow to appreciate the gift she has!


knitty_kat said...

let her I say good job!! Now all she needs to do is try bike riding! and I'll totally go with her if she wants.

Montreal Mama said...

I'm happy I have 2 boys. Now I don't have to share my stash!