Recipe for a Nice Day

Baking bread in less than five minutes is perhaps the sweetest thing next to having the littlest beg for more bread and butter.  The giant hug I got for baking the second loaf knocked me off my feet.

A pound of cherries from the farmers' market - all eaten by cherry monsters.

Chillin' at the neighbourhood spray pad with friends followed by eating ice cream cones on really high stools.

Additional highlights included:

  • washing the car and doing laundry (Seriously.)

  • knitting (I finished one sock and one hat.)

  • visiting my parents who just returned from a Baltic cruise and receiving a giant hank of sheep wool from Estonia (I hugged them so hard, they nearly fell over!)

  • catching up with Community (how did I miss this very smart and funny tv show?)

  • lots of easy laughter with teenagers (that's practically worth gold!)


LaurieM said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!

It's amazing how much nicer home baked bread is than store bought. Everyone loves it.

OzB said...

Indeed a great w/end N. Love the look of that bread and the cherries! And a hank of sheep wool from Estonia? WHOOT!

Montreal Mama said...

Wanna come over here & wash my car too? And fold my laundry? (It never ends!)

Sounds like a nice day.