Still Kickin'

Two months ago, I started playing soccer for the first time ever.  I practice twice a week and play a full game every Sunday evening.  I figured it would just involve running around and trying to kick the ball.  I must have been insane!  Soccer is intense!   It's the best workout I could ever imagine!  I am by far one of the worst players in terms of skills on my team which is only to be expected since I have no experience and am really out of shape.   However, as each week goes by, I feel my legs getting stronger, my abdomen tightening up, my energy level increasing, and my endurance on the field improving.   I'm getting the knack of how things work.  Sometimes I kick the ball in the right direction at just the right speed. 

The team has started to talk about indoor soccer for the winter.  I'm going to need a pair of indoor soccer shoes.  Crazy, right?



~RaenWa~ said...

I loved playing soccer in high school until I planted my leg & my foot dug into the ground but my knee and upper leg kept going needless to say after some torn muscles that was the end of my soccer playing days lol.

I hope you have a great time playing make a few goals for me lol

Shelaine said...

You are awesome and our team rocks!!

Montreal Mama said...

Go you! Playing soccer. I can't do any sports while pregnant. Sean's soccer couch was out of town today - and stupidly didnt leave the soccer balls with anyone, so today's game was a disaster. Thank goodness it was picture day! LOL

And us moms who stepped in to help today, had no idea what we were doing. The last time I think I played soccer I was like 8, and goalie. Not much to know about standing in nets! LOL

Lori said...

Go you! What a great way to get out and get exercise!

I wonder if I would have the fitness level / social bravery to try something like this!

knitty_kat said...

I'm really glad I was able to con you into joining! It's been so much fun having such great people to play with!

I hope you do sign up for indoor, although there is currently some debate on where. I'm not so sure I want to play at the dome!!