Family Game Night

The girls made a board game, and the littlest insisted on a Family Game Night.  She's always scheduling family activities because secretly I think she's in love with us.  I also think she has a future in event organization.  One thing with having children far apart in ages is that it can be a challenge to find common ground.  At the same time, the benefit is that they complement each other when teaming up on a project like this.  The littlest loves drawing and cutting, and the eldest loves writing and organizing.  Surprisingly we didn't have to drag the teenager out of her bedroom when it came time to play.  Thank goodness, too!  She was the only one who knew the answers to the green cards!   Playing this game was a buttload of fun. We all laughed and joked and smiled for an hour.   I wish that when my children grow up that these are the times they remember, and not the times mummy was mean and said 'no' to soda pop. (I realize that I've probably been 'meaner' than this, but honestly this is the stuff that really bothers them.)

In regards to my natural shampoo trial, I lasted exactly four days.  First day, I immediately noticed and appreciated the healthy amount of natural oils that had returned to my hair.  It felt great and crazy healthy.  Second day, my hair was put up in a pony tail.  Third day, I washed it, and this time, my hair felt thick and heavy.  Weird, but okay, I guess.  Fourth day, I felt the back of my head, and it was so oily.  I curled my hair around my hand, and it STAYED.  Um, cool if I was having it styled professionally, not cool to leave a stain on my pillow.   So, if I was to make a recommendation on this particular recipe, I would say it would be great used maybe once a week.  It's a bit frustrating, but I am not ready to admit defeat yet.  I will keep my eyes peeled and see what I can find.

Happy Winds-day!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Thank you for the update on the homemade shampoo! Dont give up just yet - maybe your once a week theory is a good one.

That's so cute that your littlest insisted on a family game night. What a great idea. We plan to do that with board games once the kids are old enough to understand and play. Probably still have a few years before they all understand. Love the game created! Looks like fun!

Pie for the Eye said...

So much fun! Your girls are so creative (must take after their mom!).

I tried making my own shampoo once too... lasted about 4 weeks. It went from great to oily to great again and then we went on vacation and I couldn't be bothered. When we got back I didn't want to go through the hassle of waiting weeks for the oils to balance out again so I quit. I'd love to hear if you find a recipe that works!

LaurieM said...

Family stuff is so much fun. It's nice if they remember it, but I KNOW it's what I'll remember fondly.

knitty_kat said...

:( you played games and didn't invite me? I'll forgive you this time, but I so have to see this!

You know, the shampoo thing doesn't sound all that bad. My hair is very dry, something that wouldn't strip the natural oils would be good - very good!!