Sunday Morning

Mmm ... coffee and muffins.   Sunday mornings, I love you.  Everyone is still in bed.  It's peacefully quiet.  It just started pouring rain outside.  Just trying to figure out what needs to be done today and what I'd like to do today.  It looks like the rain is dying down.  Oh, dear.  I'd like it to rain a bit longer.  Not in a cancel-my-soccer-game kind of way, but in a playing-in-the-rain-is-nicer-than-killer-heat-during-soccer kind of way. Poo.  The sun's back out.   On the other hand, this could be good.  The front garden could use some whacking.  Well now it looks like I have something to do.



Knit and Purl Mama said...

Your muffins made me want to bake, so I just popped in 2 zucchini breads into the oven, one with chocolate chips and one without!