World view and some old skool knitting

Right now if I were to look in front of me I would see this.It's never too early for some butter toffee with your morning coffee, right? Yes, that's a laptop and a keyboard. How people type on laptop keyboards, I have no idea. About the toffee, I made up a practice batch last night for my dad. He likes crunchy things and since Mr. T and I will be seeing our families next week I thought that I should bring something for him since the women in the family are getting hand sewing and knitted things. Dads tend to get left by the wayside in terms of handmade items, at least with me anyway. You can't go wrong with some crunchy, buttery, chocolatey goodness. The toffee was very easy to make and tastes like a Skor bar, or Heath bar if you live south of the 49th.These headbands (or lamp decorations?) are for the little girls. They're the Old Skool Headbands from Lion Brand. You could easily make a bunch of these in one night while watching a Blue Jays game being streamed through the computer onto your television, not that I would know. Happy Tuesday!


OrangeHeroMama said...

Ooohhhh toffee bars...yummmmm!!
Now i'm craving them at 11am...thanks! lol :D

And those headbands are DARLING!

knitty_kat said...

T, that sounds awesome. I wonder if I can harass N to make me some? ;)

Have a good visit!