The nook

Things have been pretty quiet around here on the crafting front.  I've been putting off seaming up the hood on a pink Tomten for the youngest niece and there's a cowl neck sweater that's waiting patiently to be picked up again.  I've been playing around on the sewing machine though, figuring out how to mitre corners for more napkins and trying to master using a rolled hem foot.  My sewing nook is tucked away in one of the eaves in our attic bedroom.  My husband teases me that this is the one place in the house where I can go to get away from him because he can't fit under the sloped ceiling.  He's a good foot and three inches taller than me.  It's kind of a Rocky and Bullwinkle arrangement that we have and we even live in Minnesota (Rocky and Bullwinkle lived in fictional Frostbite Falls, MN). 


OzB said...

That is one adorable little nook. Now I wish I had an attic....and a nook :-)

Kelly said...

Cute little nook! It's adorable!