Play with your food

Can you guess what these are?

If you are my husband you would answer, "A waste of money", which would be the wrong answer.  Does this picture help?
If you guessed that they are boiled egg molds, you are correct!  How cute are these?  I had no idea that you could mold boiled eggs into cute shapes like bunnies and bears until I saw them here and then I had to have them.  These would be fun for a child's lunch box, or an adult for that matter!  I brought a couple of eggs into work and although I got some confused looks, everyone thought that they were cute.  Come on, wouldn't finding a bunny (shaped) egg in your lunch box make you smile?


Lori said...

These are so cute but I'm so confused about how they work! you put the boiled egg in there? and it doesn't smash it? I don't have kids. Would it be really sad/weird for me to find some of these for myself? I mean, I should get some for my nephews & nieces... yes, that's what I meant.

OzB said...

These ARE adorable T! Are they microwave ones? My nieces would love these too I'm sure :-)

LJ said...

Oh, I want some of those too!