I seriously need to catch up with you on the baby sweaters, T! Holy crap - you're churning them out like no tomorrow. I put holds on a whole bunch of Elizabeth Zimmermann books at the library - she turned the knitting in the round and seamless garments into a movement. How can anyone be expected to do so much mother-flippin' seaming?

What's been going on around here you ask? Hmmm. Well, I have been finishing up some projects that I had left to slowly die in a giant heap behind my sofa. I think I was experiencing some bad knitting karma because I was guilty of starting a load of projects and not completing one. That would explain the tiny sock snafoo, the moebius capelet disaster, and the wristlet that I knit and frogged four times. That's to name only a few. Yes, you could say that I failed to swatch the sock. That's true. You could say that I didn't join the Noro in the round properly. And yes, that too is true. And I misread the pattern differently on four separate occasions??? That's crazy!

So one-by-one, I have weaved in ends that were left dangling, and I knit the last few remaining rows of the second wrap that was balled up in a bag by my bed, and slowly my knitting mojo is returning. I can feel it. The Noro capelet has been revived, and is going along quite nicely. I feel ready to tackle the tiny sock - once I find it. And books are starting to reappear on the library hold shelf! And here's the kicker - last night I figured out my yahoo account info, and I was able to set up my Flickr photo album, so that I can start uploading pictures onto my Ravelry page. Holy crap. Even work is going along swimmingly. It feels fantastic to be accomplishing things.

Back to the capelet, before my luck runs out! Ta ta.