A Slice of World Peace

Dear N,

First of all, LOVE the banner. Good job! The colours are so pretty and geraniums always remind me of my elementary teachers' classrooms, perfect for September.

Hope you and the family had a good time at Franken Muth. Let me know how you did at Target. I might have to go there today just to look at the new fall merchandise. So far my long weekend has been uneventful but relaxing. I finished the baby sweater from the pattern that you sent me. It's so much fun to knit and seriously adorable. I can see my nephew in it already.Here is another baby sweater that I made while in LA. It's the MDK pattern and it's for a childhood friend of mine back in New Brunswick. She isn't due until January but baby stuff is so much fun to knit. I'm on the ball this time.Last weekend T and I went to our church picnic. We weren't really planning to going to the actual event but I had donated a cake for the cake walk and had to deliver it. I thought long and hard about what kind of cake to make and really wanted to use my sports ball cake pan (yes, I know, I really like my sports ball cake pan, but really, what can be cooler than a ball shaped cake?). I decided to make the world and since it was for a church event, I'd put the word "peace" on it. We could definitely use some of that. Anyway, here it is and I was quite pleased as it was snatched up immediately.Is it evil of me to feel so smug about my cake? I looked at the other homemade cakes on the table and felt kind of bad but at least I kept the cake box closed so my cake wouldn't show up the other cakes. I might as well go to confession next Sunday just in case.

Last weekend I also frogged a little shrug that I was knitting up for a friend. I think I'll knit her the Anthropologie Inspired capelet instead. I'm loving these top down raglan sweater patterns. There's nearly no seaming involved and it's fun watching the sweater knit up. I have some ball winding to do. Enjoy the rest of your Labour Day!P.S.
Minnesota winters are very cold. I think arm warmers would be so nice to have, especially ones knitted by a good friend ;) .