I've been playing around with the layout and fonts and colours of the blog, and I think a white background is the best. It might be the white couch and endless white trim surrounding me, and a bit of research that proved that the majority of the best blogs out there also sport white background. It's simple. It's chic. Feel free to tell me how wrong I am.

The new banner was cropped from a picture I took this summer on a rainy day in Port Stanley. My little family likes to travel to the beach only on the most dismal of days. I thought the Port would be a ghost town, but it was still packed with shoppers and diners. The geraniums caught my eye and begged me to photograph them.

I am a bona fide killer of geraniums otherwise I would have these surrounding my adobe!

It's my Friday off, and I am up at 7a.m. pushing the 'Publish Post' button. GOOD MORNING!



JustApril said...

It's a great banner. I used to be in the biz of doing logos and titles, and I would never have known it to be 'homemade' so to speak.

I cracked up over your comment on the Brainylady's blog. The bizzaro version of the book she reviewed! hehehehe That would be funny.