Civic Sunday

Thank you SO much for sharing the wedding pictures. I nearly wept. You were absolutely beautiful - not that you aren't ALL the frickin' time. And the cake reminds me of my magnolia branch painting I scored at the London Abused Women's Centre's International Women's Day Breakfast two years ago. Man, that was a mouthful.

My vacation. Where do I start? Well, we went to the beach at Port Franks - it was breath-taking. You couldn't tell where the water ended and the sky began. It was so blue. And it was so sunny and hot, and I forgot our umbrella. Three hours, zero shade, 30 applications of spf60, and 57 reminders to don the sunhats later, the girls and I were still as white as when we arrived. I felt like a champion. That little white dot in the water is E. B went in pretty far, but she preferred to dig deep holes in the sand and build strange drooping sand castles with 'moats'. I haven't a clue where she heard of moats, but she is crystal clear on the definition, and by golly, she was going to dig one surrounding the castle towers.

I made enough chili for twenty people - it's now in the freezer for the days I don't feel like cooking after a trying day at the office.

And blueberry muffins . . . Mmmmm.

After two full years on Donna Street, we finally got the balls to meet ALL of our neighbours at a neighbourhood BBQ in the "Crack". I can't tell you how daunting it was to take in three dozen people's names and faces. I think that the four of us were working overtime trying to take it all in. And the little old lady who we keep practically driving over while she is walking her dog doesn't hate us. That was a huge relief! The best part was B made a best friend instantly, and she only lives four houses down from us. When we came home around 10 p.m., we collapsed on our respective beds and breathed in the silence again. They were so nice, and I love making me some new friends, but it was such a lot of work. It might be hard to believe, but I am very shy and awkward around new people; however, that being said, it's hard to make a fool out of yourself when everyone around you is drunk.

It rained today most of the day, so we drove down to Port Stanley to check out the little shops. We bought the prettiest antique quilt for B's bed, and we finished up in St. Thomas at the thrift store where I bought a glass jar full of buttons, two more vintage pillowcases to make into dresses for B, and a cool yellow and green sheet set for E's bedroom redesign - out with the raspberry walls, and in with bright yellow and lime green. I am trying to convince her that the walls should be an aqua blue because I honestly don't think I could stomache the other two colours on the walls. Please do not join the masses in telling me that I am being too controlling. I still have to pass the room on the way to the bathroom. I will take pictures of our treasures once the light is better tomorrow. It's much too dark right now to use the camera without the flash.

I have gotten a ton of reading completed - I have read Lullabies for Little Criminals, am reading A Thousand Splendid Suns now, and will read Shopaholic and Baby next. Hey everyone needs to read some fluff every now and then. I just hope it's not a complete waste of my time.

I managed to get out of church nursery duty for once, and I spent my Sunday morning at the walk-in clinic with B because she cried about her throat being sore, and she was coughing, and her voice was hoarse, and she was incredibly hot. Thank goodness there was no wait, because the physican checked her ears and throat and listened to her chest, and although she might not be feeling well, she was not ill enough to prescribe any treatment. The only good thing to come out of this (yes, I know she was not sick and that's good too) is that I treated myself to a latte on the way home.

I always have lots of good stories to tell you (probably every five minutes), but it would take me ages to type it all out. Do you know what I mean? I wish you were here, so I wouldn't have to kill my fingers to relay only a tiny bit of it here.

Oops. Gotta go. I hear the Law & Order theme song in the next room.