A Testimonial of Sorts

I walked to work again yesterday, and it was raining and humid. I arrived at work so refreshed. Well . . . except for the giant skin bubbles filled with fluid on my ankles. I am going to google blister prevention and first aid. I know I shouldn’t burst them, but I sersiously can NOT fit shoes over these suckers. I googled ‘blisters’, and every page told me to leave them alone. They’re so huge! Will stop thinking about them, and concentrate on the cramps instead. I have already downed four Advil, and nearly two hours later, my middle is slowly starting to numb. Lovely.

I am trying to think of something better I can share. Hmm. What about a made up meme? I am too lazy to look one up and copy it. I bet you wanted to know this!

What’s up with our blog’s name?

My husband bought something like 16 of those little containers of Balkan-Style yogurt, and when I told him he was a fool and Balkan-Style yogurt tastes like crap in front of the children, well, no one wanted to touch it with a 10-foot pole. And then I was left with 16 days of yogurt for lunch. I tried to sell it to my colleagues, but when I promoted the yogurt as tasting like crap, I, surprisingly again, had no takers. So each day I plowed through my pile of Balkan-Style yogurt because I am not one to waste a dime. When I was finally down to one, I grudgingly admitted that it wasn’t as horrible as I had once thought, and just when I was counting on that last yogurt to fill me up at lunch, someone went and stole it. And I shouted obscenities and threw a wee bit of a tantrum. I haven’t eaten any yogurt Balkan-Style since. T laughed at me.

The two of us love to read blogs for inspiration, and when she told me she was moving stateside, we decided that it was time for us to start our own blog. And we brainstormed names like crazy. Oh, I wish I had kept all those emails. They were hilarious! But our blog never got up and running after she left because we couldn’t agree on a name. Four months later, I took it upon myself to start it up the only way I knew how, and that was to take back the Balkan-Style –no offence to Balkans everywhere, but your yogurt is not good, for lack of a better word.

Does anyone else have any questions for us to answer? Feel free to ask away in the comments. What do you want to know?



Kanna said...

Ahhh thanks for clarifying the blog title!! I always wondered about that!!

Anonymous said...


just came across ur blog cuz i was googling balkan style yogurts. I find that if you don't like the natural taste of it, is to put a little honey or maple syrup in it.

Also, with the blisters, try soaking your feet in warm water. I think when the skin is soft enough, you can pop them, but don't rip the skin off. The skin will dry up, but when the new skin forms underneath, then you can peel it off.

Hope all of that helps.