Assembly Line

While the kidlets sat and stood around bored stiff , the mummies whipped up totes and table runners.
Note to Mama Bakker: Julia IS in fact using the sewing machine.

We giggled, nibbled on junk, dropped pizza and credit cards, ran in the rain, scraped knees, watched foreign movies, scoured the Goodwill, screamed in delight, drank blue tequila, and behaved horribly overall. Needless to say, a blast was had indeed.

But am also glad to back at home in my bed with my alarm set for too bloody early.



Anonymous said...

So glad you came! We had an awesome time. We missed you when you left though so we'll have to do it again soon. We just dyed your daughters hair so I better go see how it turned out!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, those bags & table runners are AWESOME!!! How would one go about getting their hands on one? & is that material by any chance from IKEA??? Just lovely - who said you were short on talent? They must have been joking!
See you at work! Heidi