One Week, Two days

Dear N,

How are you? I hope that you are well rested and enjoying your last day of vacation. Are you ready to head back to work? Fill me in on what you and the girls did, which I'm sure was tons of stuff.

T and I have been married for one week and two days. Although things are pretty much the same after "makin' it legal" I do feel different now that I'm a wife. For one thing, I'm now a wife and no longer a girlfriend or fiancee. There are certain connotations associated with being a wife, I haven't fully figured out what they are but I know that I like them. Then there's the name change. It took me awhile to decide whether I wanted to take T's last name, keep mine or have both. I settled on having both last names since I'm like that (and by that I mean incredibly indecisive). I've had the opportunity since getting married to give my name and to sign my name and I have to admit, it makes me smile every time.

Here are a few wedding pictures, as promised. We are off to California on Wednesday for my sister's wedding but I will post as much as I can before we go.