Ahoy, Buttons!

Me again.

The girls and I made button brooches this morning, and I could not wait to show them off. E and I totally burnt each and every single one of our fingertips, but I think it was worth it. We made six in total, and I still have a bazillion buttons left!
Here's our inspiration picture:

They look better on person than on the table - less like a pile of buttons:

And my new sock, nearly ready to start knitting the heel. The pattern is by Black Dog Knits, and can be found here.

The plan was to bake some zucchini bread this aft, but I can't read the expiry date on the eggs, and I am scared!! And no church windows as I am plum out of fruit marshmallows. What could be sadder than that?



Nora said...

Oooh, I love it in blue - and the button brooches are so cute.