Dear N,

What a cool and rainy weekend it has been. I didn't get to do as much cleaning around the house as I had wanted but I did get to reorganizing the back pantry and now it fits our Cosco supply of toilet paper and tissue boxes--hooray!

I am dreaming of being back in California, lounging by the pool and working on my tan. Palm trees still amaze me. They're so pretty and very tropical looking. This picture was taken from the window of the car as we drove down Beverly Hills, totally looking like tourists.I felt bad because I dragged my sister and her boyfriend who were visiting from Vancouver all the way to LA, we were staying in Anaheim which is about 45 minutes away on a good day, because I wanted to go to Knit Cafe on Melrose. We did find it though and it looked exactly like it does in the book, it was amazing! All of the knitted projects from the book was in the shop to look at and touch, even that beautiful teak credenza that I would kill to have in my craft room. Anyway, I bought $70 worth of yarn and ribbon in order to knit myself the lacy skirt that is shown on the cover of the book. You can see a picture of it here in black and as a cute top. I felt kind of bad spending that much money on yarn for one item but then told myself that I was on vacation, I wasn't buying anything else and that I was at the Knit Cafe---come on! So after I was helped by the nice ladies there (unfortunately Susan Mischer was not there that day), they let me take a picture in the store.It was exactly like stepping right into the book!Anyway, I have to go back an hour to just before we were looking for Knit Cafe and wondering what we should do for lunch when we spotted Pink's. I had heard about Pink's on the Food Network lots of times and always wanted to go there. So, into the fairly long line up we went to get our famous hotdogs and perhaps a celebrity sighting. We didn't see any stars but we did make a friend. He was the guy standing in front of us named Trent and he was in the US Air Force. Super nice guy who ended up saving us a table on the back patio and telling us about his travels as an army man. I know what you're thinking, he wasn't trying to be all creepy, he was a genuinely nice guy and plus, my sister's boyfriend was with us (he's a fairly large guy who was drafted by the Pittsburg Penguins in his younger years). Here is my sister and I in front of Pink's.Here is a very spicy, half eaten Polish sausage. I had their signature chili and cheese dog---yum!We had a great time at my sister's wedding too!Happily ever after!