In Shock

Dear N,

We are still in shock here in the Twin Cities after yesterday afternoon's bridge tragedy. We had just finished dinner when a phone call came in, from Toronto of all places, from people wondering if we were all ok. We had no idea what had happened and turned the tv on immediately. To our horror it was worse than we had expected.

Just an hour before it happened I had picked T up from the University and although we didn't go across that bridge, it is one that we travel along frequently. I don't even know how many times I've picked T up from work and crossed that bridge without a thought. It's only sinking in today how close this is to home.

It's a miracle how many people made it out alive considering how extensive the damage was. I know we are all thinking and praying for the families who were affected by this event in anyway and we will help in anyway that we can here in Minneapolis. Thanks to everyone who called/e-mailed to check up on us. We are very thankful.