Dear N,

I knew I shouldn't have eaten that fifth White Castle burger. I can feel the grease just sitting in my stomach. It was good going down though!

Although my nephew has been born and is the cutest little baby, by the way, I did finish his blanket and was able to give it to his mother, my sister, when I saw them in LA. I was quite pleased with how it turned out although it doesn't really look anything like how it's supposed to. It's soft and cuddly and perfect for my very first nephew.The cabled panel in the middle is Bernat Denim in cream and the green is Bernat Bamboo in Dill. Both really soft semi-natural yarns that are machine washable.

Also finished are those clogs that I was so obsessed with. This is them before felting:
And this is them post-felting, drying on a bath mat:One slipper ended up bigger than the other. I did take them out of the machine during the felting process to check on them but I just couldn't get them the same size. That's fine since they're only for me. I'm thinking about embroidering some flowers on them or something to make them look a little prettier because as of right now they look a little cloggy for my liking. You were right all along, I'm not a clog person. That's not to say that they're not cute, I do like them but I think I'll try the felted ballet slippers next, also by Bev Galeskas. One thing that I do have to say about the clog pattern is that it was really fun to knit up. At first I wasn't sure exactly how they would knit up but I just followed the pattern very closely and very quickly, a huge slipper knit up right before my eyes!

So now I'm working on the Anthropologie Inspired capelet and the baby sweater pattern that you sent to me. It's nice having time to knit again, now that the weddings are over and the immigration documents have been sent. I'll also try to blog more too! Hope you had a good long weekend. You've inspired me to be "sick" from work, maybe this Friday....