Hi N!

I'm back from California, however, my suitcases are not unpacked and we barely had a chance to sleep before heading off to work and class. This is a completely unrelated post.

Just some quick links that I came across as I caught up on my blog reading this morning, care of Not Martha. This looks like some recycling fun. It’ll give you an excuse to go to Angelos and get a bunch of salads for dinner. I never did shrinky-dink as a child so I’d like to try and see what all the hype is about (without spending no cash money).

Also, these are super cute. My neighbor has these shoes. Maybe I should embellish them for her while she’s away in France. Surprise, I hacked up your garden clogs! I know you would appreciate that.

I'll post my vacation pictures after I've cleaned the sand out of my toes and have settled back into life in the Midwest. Have a great day!