The Collegiate Establishment

Please feast your eyes on the Peking Blue. Isn’t it rich! It’s just the right amount of daring, and I daresay it should encourage creativity. Who could be bored surrounded by that blue? It better not be El. Not after all this.
Julia and El sewed this fantastic hanging pocket board for her wall when I left El in Newmarket. I can’t even begin to explain how cool these pockets are. The colours are perfect. I am not supposed to know this – but there are secret pockets on the back for her secret notes and devious plans against whom I can only imagine is me. I hope that Julia realizes that gads of pre-teens traipse through this room on a regular basis, and they will be sure to want one for themselves! She may be able to start up her own little home-based business. I have already hinted at Etsy. Maybe she will be the next Sally Shim!
In my dental-induced drug haze, I nearly messed up my 100th Manos del Uruguay hat. Okay, so it’s not my 100th, but it certainly feels like it could be. This one is in lavender, and it knit up in a couple of hours. I love Kim’s Hats pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Em was lucky enough to get her own copy for her birthday. How sweet! I dream of whipping up an hourglass sweater one day in a yarn equal to Noro Cash Iroha. I say this because I have actually calculated exactly how much it would cost me in funds alone to make this sweater using the specified yarn including taxes, and your jaw would drop. Well, maybe not yours, but certainly a jaw of a non-knitter.
And I am knitting up my second pair of hand/wrist warmers from the same book. This pattern is also quick to knit, and because it requires only one skein as well, I can be a bit frivolous and buy the good stuff. This pair is a honey-coloured alpaca and merino wool blend. It is so soft and pretty. If you would like, I can research the cost to mail these puppies to Minneapolis in time for apple-picking. Mmmm.

If I am a bit excited about Frankenmuth, imagine how excited I am about the Waterloo County Knitter’s Fair. My Knit Club friends and I have been planning for weeks this mini-roadtrip. It will be like going to 55 yarn stores in one day! This is what glee feels like. I only wish you could be riding shotgun, T.



Kanna said...

Ahhh LOVE the blue room!!! That's awesome!!!

And I am SO jealous about the road trip!!!!!!!!!!!!