Share a Smile

B has 'rouge' down pat. She speaks perfect English, but rather than saying 'red', she says 'rouge'. It's her new mot favourite en francais. E.g. "Your shoes are rouge, Mum." , and I agree - they are rouge!

The fall Knitty is up! Woo-hoo! I used to get the email notification, but sadly it was on my now defunct yahoo account. I really need to get around to signing up again!

Lots happening here. The girls are growing. Meetings are sprouting up everywhere. Sometimes I feel like I just can't catch my breath. This afternoon, I ended up home early as I will need to be at work at 6 a.m. tomorrow - I am helping with the organization of a Child Poverty Symposium at Brescia College. I am really excited to listen to the panel of speakers and the participation of the audience in the discussion afterwards. And between you and me, I LOVE continental breakfasts even if it's the promise of just one bran muffin and a coffee! But back to getting home early. It was unexpected surprise in a day that was crazy hectic. So I grabbed my chance to mellow out by scooping up B and walking her to the park. While she played on the swings and the slides, I finished weaving all the ends on five knitting projects. How sweet is that? We came home happy as pigs in poop.

Time to whip up some dinner, and rip out my Noro capelet because it was never intended to be a moebius scarf, and then I am off to a La Leche League meeting as a show of support for a dear friend.
Take care, T.