Cats Go Meow Meow

I remember the exact moment like it was yesterday. I was at Chapters early April, and I just wanted to see Amanda Soule's book in real life, and I was drinking a latte. I was certain that her book would be in the craft/hobbies section, so I was perusing it intently (to no avail as it was in the parenting section across the store unbeknownst to me even though that made complete sense), and I came across GOLD - a whole series of Aranzi Aronzo Cute Books! Oh, I wanted every single one. I also know too well my tendency to look and not do. It didn't seem like a good investment at the time because of that fact as well as the fact that I was heading to a huge Knitters Fair in a few weeks' time, and all of my play money was spoken for. I tried to forget these pretty books, but when scoping the library catalogue online some time later, I spied The Cute Book once again! Holds were placed, and the waiting game began. It stayed IN CATALOGUING for a very long time - months. I found out why this was (one of my bestest friends is a librarian and is very patient about my constant inquiries into the system). Apparently a certain number of holds have to be placed on a new book for it to hit the shelves. Well, this should come as no shock, but I have four library cards. Well, I have three other family members in my household, and I put them to work. Altogether I put four holds on that book, and still I waited months more. Apparently this book was way under the radar.

Last week, I finally got my notices - there are two copies of this book in the system, and I currently have both in my hands. I have two more weeks to have them laying about my house, and I will then have to return them until the next time. Of course, this got my butt in motion, and I am embarassed to admit this, but it took me two nights to finish off one little gal. A crazy little cat who gets into everything. She hasn't a name yet, but that shouldn't last. Isn't she cute?

I am very aware that the needlework looks to be done by a 5-year old, and although I could believably use this as an excuse, this shabby work was completely my own. I am still head over heels in love with her and her imperfections. Even B was startled and excited this morning to see kitty sitting pretty by the sofa.

I want to make more, but we must get ready for B's birthday dinner tomorrow. She turns SIX next week!! This house is a disaster area! Really. I'd like to blame it all on the kitty and the kids, but truth is this first week back to school has been keeping all of us busy, but in the best way. Honestly, I am seriously loving getting back into the regular routines, and it's the first year that both girls are in school full-time. Hurray!



kataish said...

Ooooo she's beautiful! I love her!

Katherine said...

Love her! Pshaw I say to any shabbiness. She's lovely!

And I adore the fact that you used all four library cards. ; )

knitty_kat said...

LOL - I had no idea . . I could have lent my card to you as well! I would have loved to have the book to play with. Saw it at Chapters the other day and thought of you!