Progress However Slow

This is a sock that was started up at the cottage in the middle of the summer. To avoid losing these precious Addis when I finished the sock that was on the needles on the way up to the cottage, I quickly cast on another pair with some Lana Grossa Meilenweit in a marbley green colourway. They're just plain ribbing, and they've become my travel knitting - always in my bag ready to knit a round or two while waiting for one thing or another. It's still only half a sock, but I managed to turn the heel a new way to me, and it was fun and easy. I have no idea what it is called or how to describe it, so I will leave you in suspense, but once it's finished, I will model it, and perhaps you can see what I have done differently. At this pace, it could be some time from now. I am thinking that they will be a Christmas stocking gift for El. Her feet are easily a size larger than mine. Eek!
Here's a quick shot of the progress on the Woodland Shawl. I am nearly finished skein #2! I've gotten a bit cheeky and over-confident, and some errors were made, but there's no way that I would be able to fix them properly, so I stayed calm and carried on. Maybe me and a few knitters might spot the gaps in the pattern, but I can live with that. Trust me. I prefer imperfections in a lot of things when I think about it. I am very weary of 'perfect'. It's too slick and shiny. Or maybe this thinking is a defence mechanism, and I unconsciously know I am unable to achieve perfection. Nah, that's not it. I like scruffy, chipped, tousled, faded, and worn in my life. I truly do, but I like my coffee crisp.



Katherine said...

The shawl looks beautiful to me! What is that saying about leaving mistakes in your work so about not trying to be like god? Ah well. It's beautiful.