Three Hours

Noon - it was raining. We waited for our guests to arrive.
Pretty raindrops!
1 p.m. - Barbecuing in the rain under an umbrella - not J's idea of fun. He suggested calling for pizza, and I told him to suck it up. Easy for me to say as I sat inside with the rest of my family taking pictures of him and laughing. Hey, it was funny!
2 p.m. - B tried to blow out the six candles. Thankfully some grandparents were able to sneak a few blows in to help otherwise we could have stood there for some time.
3 p.m. - I think she must have wished for sun, because as soon as we had eaten our ice cream and cake, the skies cleared, and it was time for more bocce! Bocce sharks attack!

Happy Sunday!



Katherine said...

Happy birthday B!!! Beautiful girl.

(Oh, and I just put The Cute Book on hold at our library - I'm first in line!!)

~RaenWa~ said...

I hope B had a great birthday extra point to day for cooking in the rain lol. I have always wanted to try Bocce ball but know nothing about it.

knitty_kat said...

Happy B-Day B!! I'll have to grab her a card.

BTW, what's going on Sat morning? What time does the "N" train leave the station? L has said she is now going for sure and will drive her vehicle & follow.