30 Days of Happiness :: Red

Day 1 - Red

Red is not my go-to colour. Yet it has made it's way in to my knitting and on to my mantle in the form of jewellery and art. Maybe becoming a Liberal data slave has rubbed off on me. Does this mean I enjoy inputting postal codes and double-checking phone numbers and cross-referencing membership lists? What if these tiny little tasks end up helping a possible future Prime Minister candidate? I'll have a great story to tell my grandchildren. Hey, that's cool. So red - you're full of opportunity, and you look mighty fine in my living room. I also look forward to seeing you in the apple orchards next month. Mmmmm. . . apples. Red. Making me happy.



OrangeHeroMama said...

lol. red isn't my go-to colour either, and yet i just bought red drapes the other day because of the DEAL!! lol. Hmmmmm.

Montreal Mama said...

I love red.