30 Days of Happiness::The MN State Fair

We have lived in Minnesota for three years and this is the first year that we've gone to the fair. It's the second largest state fair in the country, after Texas, and boasts the widest variety of food on a stick that you can find anywhere. The MN State Fair is buzzing with people, carnival games, baby animals, and...

...butter sculpting
...french fry covered hot dog on a stick with chili cheese sauce
...a parade featuring the University of Minnesota cheer squad and marching band
...more food on a stick (batter fried scallops + chips = yum!)

...fun with agriculture
...and did I mention food on a stick? This one we did not eat, however it sounded very intriguing. Here in Minnesota a casserole is called a "hot dish" and usually it's not found on a stick but apparently during fair time that's the way to have it. The "Great Minnesota Get-Together" is certainly happiness on a sunny, Sunday afternoon.


Unknown said...

Hello! I love that you live in Minnesota, I'm a transplant from CA and live in NW Iowa.

I had to get used to 'hot dish' and all other kinds of lingo. (: