30 Days of Happiness :: Trampoline

My sister's children broke a futon from all the jumping up and down, so she and her husband brought home a trampoline to take the jumping outside. I might have laughed at her. A lot. But she might be on to something. When we visit my sister, our children run straight outside and jump like crazy. We watch them and laugh and cheer. One can not be anything but happy on a trampoline.
But I must admit that up to now, when I thought about trampolines, I pictured an amazed Homer Simpson wondering why on earth someone would give a trampoline away for FREE, and then I see the piles of crooked and moaning children all over the backyard. Now that's funny.


OzB said...

[hehehe] I remember that Simpson's episode LOL.

My Aunt had a trampoline and we would ALWAYS jump until we fell down from exhaustion! Great way to exhaust kids, get them outdoors enjoying the sunshine, and keep them amused for hours and hours!

Montreal Mama said...

I wish I could have a trampoline. My hubby won't let me. I've asked. LOL