30 Days of Happiness :: Knitters Fair

I was very brave this year and took the two girls to the annual KW Knitters Fair yesterday. I knew ahead that it wouldn't be easy or fun, but I equipped them with a knapsack loaded with snacks, drinks, paper, pens, a map, a camera, and sweaters. When I downloaded the pictures this morning, I was surprised by how much fun they really did have and not so surprised by the pictures of knitted monkeys. I had gotten conned into buying a monkey pattern booklet with requests for one punk monkey and one baby monkey.

I also came away with a big ol' bag of Briggs & Little wool. I love knitting with this earthy wool despite it's little straw bits and barn smell. I bought enough for two sweaters - Girl Friday and Margot. Did you see the new issue of Knitty? I love practically every pattern and want it knit up right now! Swoon. Oh, if I could stop everything right this minute and do just that. This is where you remind me that I have not started my Christmas knitting.


Unknown said...

I was quite relieved not to have Jake with me when I saw those monkeys!

Start your Christmas knitting!

knitty_kat said...

You haven't started Christmas knitting? Wow - so I'm still ok then? LOL

It was awesome seeing you all there - need to do a knit night with C soon!

Montreal Mama said...

The Knitters Fair looks like a lot of fun. I was only able to make it down for the one in April, in Toronto put on by the DKC. The one you went to was Waterloo? Kitchener?