30 Days of Happiness :: Seven

And with the wave of a wand, my little princess turned seven today. I love so many things about her.

- when she reads a sentence the first time, it's very halting, but she ALWAYS goes back and reads it with gusto while placing emphasis in all the right spots and adjusting her voice with the punctuation
- the smell of the top of pretty little head calms me
- when she's nervous or anxious, she asks a million questions (this happens most often at the dentist)
- her favourite colour changes EVERY day
- she makes friends so easily
- she can read my mind and reminds me of this frequently
- she wakes up with a smile
- she has the gift of gab with an accent all her own
- she can get away with wearing funky hats
- I want to be around her all the time

Happy, happy birthday, Bumblebee.

Love mum.


LaurieM said...

Happy, happy Birthday!!

T of Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Hope that you have a very special day, Little One.

knitty_kat said...

Happy Happy!! Even happier that she's yer person!


Montreal Mama said...

I want a daughter.

I really want a daughter.

I really really want a daughter.

I love dress up!