30 Days of Happiness :: Home

I took some vacation days this week to prepare for birthday festivities and of course, the obvious - back to school. I am feeling pretty good about it all. Gifts have been wrapped. School supplies and lunch food have been stocked. The house is slowly getting a thorough and much needed cleaning. I find myself walking from room to room with fresh laundry and admiring each tidied space. It's very happy-making. That and seeing the Bumblebee run from the pillows to the curtains, squishing them up to her face and deeply inhaling the fresh scent of newly changed linens. Our feline friend just wants some rest after darting around the noisy vaccuum all afternoon. Tomorrow morning, I shall wake up early and head to the farmers market and buy some fresh, cut flowers for a princess tea party and white sliced bread for tea sandwiches. Cupcakes will be baked, cooled and set aside for decorating. Everything will be perfect for our four special princess guests and the birthday princess hostess. Surprisingly, I am relatively calm. : )


OzB said...

Oy, oy, oy! Glad you're hosting that party and not me LOL.

Wanna come and clean for me?? My house desperately needs it - maybe next month! [of course I say that every month] LOL

Montreal Mama said...

I used to be the one who had birthday gifts wrapped weeks in advance... and lately, after 2 kids, I seem to be wrapping 5 minutes before we leave to go to the party! Wow, how times change.