30 Days of Happiness :: Backpack Administration

You know it's September when the 'literature' starts gracing the dining table more than the good eats. Today I am tackling fundraisers, pandemic planning, school photos (can someone please explain why we're going with purple backgrounds this year?), newsletters, lunch order forms, and family pizza night posters. I've already sent money for agendas (one of which I haven't seen yet), and the family calendar is covered in scribbley Frenglish. One child is attending French Immersion while the other is taking it easy at an all English school. I like to mix it up. It's going to be a very interesting year. I have no doubt about that. In any case, I'm going to need a very good filing system, a bigger calendar, and an Administrative Assistant who brings me hot coffee and insists on no pay. Anyone??? Is tomorrow a gym day??



LaurieM said...

How does this belong in the happiness file? I hate this part of school. Even worse, I hate when a whiney child comes to me complaining because they desperately need a form/signature/money and it's 5 minutes till school starts!

OzB said...

Yeah, I'm with Laurie on this one...not much happiness in backpack admin LOL.

If only I knew of an AA who'd work for free. Good luck with that N [LOL].

Seems like every day is a gym day at your house! Lucky YOU'RE organised is all I can say!

LittleSpots said...

I'm learning the wonderful world of backpack administration as it's my oldests first year at school. It's crazyness! I don't think one personal assistant would be enough for me, I need at least two!

OrangeHeroMama said...

LOL! I'll be your freebie AA!!! My house is basically a tea/coffee bar!! :D
(and i bake too!)

Montreal Mama said...

Ah, that time of the year again!