The Heart is a Bloom

Caught these doves in the backyard. I've never seen doves in our backyard. How sweet!
I must thank Mr. J for keeping on top of the bird feeders this summer. Maybe a knitted wool sweater done before it gets chilly will be enough.
Yesterday I came back from a meeting to find my lunch bag on my desk. I had forgotten it at home, and he dropped it off before I even remembered. He was on his way to take the littlest to a park for a bbq and go-karts and swimming. I suddenly didn't mind taking the bus home, so he could take the car to work. I really didn't mind in the first place 'cause he does it for me all the time. But it made me feel better that I could do the same for him.
We don't make such a bad team.


LaurieM said...

Ahh... how sweet. The pair of you I mean. Though the doves are too.

knitty_kat said...

Wow - he's a rock star & a sweetheart? Where do I get me one of them? LOL

Montreal Mama said...

Cobblestone is looking fabulous!