Look at that cinnamon roll.  Just look at it.

See anything new?  After spending weeks researching entry-level digital slr cameras, we splurged and got ourselves (read 'me') a Canon Rebel XS.  I'm having a splendid time tinkering around with it, and in doing so I have spread the love of it amongst my friends and family.   Because if everyone else has one, than it couldn't have been much of a frivolous expenditure, but rather a much needed and common household object.  Right?  Plus I couldn't have possibly been expected to take fuzzy and boring ol' photos of baked goods forever.  Nah, I can't bad-mouth my Fuji point 'n' shoot.  It's done me good.  I plan to keep it around a bit longer.  I also think that a certain teenager would be more than happy to steal it away.

Up next (tomorrow, I hope!) - pictures of finished monkeys for all of you who must be dying to see them.  They turned out wonderfully, and the girls really do love them.  I think they know deep down that the monkeys were a bit out of my usual knitting range.  I like easy, quick, non-finicky, as seamless as possible, more utility projects.  But they were worth every single minute of cursing under my breath for countless nights after they had safely been tucked into bed.

Speaking of which, I must do right now.  It's late!



Kathryn said...

How many focal points do you have? Have you played with any of the programable settings yet? How 'bout the ISO?

I say we sigh up for some lesson where we made our purchases from. Go check out their site - they've got a few local, but mostly in TO. I say road trip for lessons, followed by yarn crawl! Whoot!

elan said...

definitely a common household item, I love mine

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I loved my Canon Rebels (I had 2 different models) before I switched over to Nikon just this past September. I used my Rebels throughout photography school and graphic design school. No complaints. Served me well.

I am sure it'll serve you well as well! I can't wait to see all the pictures you take with yours!


OzB said...

Oh very nice N. Absolute must in the kitchen - just as important as the oven!