In Response to Baby Cake Comment

This is a quick post aimed at one of the commenters on my previous post about the baby cake. Maria, if you're reading this, congratulations on becoming a grandmother in January! We love babies and all things baby related. You wanted to know how to make the cake but did not leave an email address or a way that I can contact you so I'll just write up some quickie instructions and you can feel free to send me an email if you'd like more details.

To make the baby cake you will need:

2 cakes in your choice of flavour, filled and iced (I used 8 inch cakes, one vanilla with vanilla buttercream and one chocolate with chocolate buttercream)
About 2.5 pounds of rolled fondant (purchased at Jo-Ann craft store or Michael's or make your own)
13 x 19 inch cake board if using 8 inch cakes
rolling pin
pizza cutter or sharp knife (for trimming fondant)
Gel icing colours in: skin colour, brown, pink, or any other colour that you want for eyes and accessories

Tint 3/4 of your fondant in skin colour. Divide in half and roll out to about 1/8 inch thickness and about 16 inches in diameter. This will give you enough fondant to cover your cake tops and sides. Once your two cakes are covered in fondant assemble them on your cake board so that the two cakes are touching. Cover the bottom half of the bottom cake in white (for diaper) using plain white fondant. Then using the leftover skin coloured fondant make feet and toes, ears, arms, and nose. I just formed all of these parts by hand as if I was using Play-Doh. I tinted the fondant scraps in dark brown for eyes, mouth, and curly hair. I also added pink circles for cheeks and a pink bow as this will be for a girl baby. Feel free to be creative and make your cake in whatever way you want.

If you've never worked with fondant before see these helpful step by step instructions or check YouTube for some videos. It can be tricky to get it really smooth but remember that fondant is forgiving and you can always cover up imperfect parts with the diaper or accessories. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the instructions. I think they are enough for me to have a go at making this. It is just way too cute!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Sounds neat. Thanks for sharing!