A Timely Diversion

That dang winter edition of Knitty came out yesterday, patterns were printed, the stash was upturned, and I have cast on for the Citron shawlette with wintry white Malabrigo lace.  This is unwise indeed.   I should seriously be knitting ears and a muzzle.  I only have 9 days left.  Oh dear.



elan said...

"I should seriously be knitting ears and a muzzle."

I find this statement a little worrisome, the ears OK, I've actually done that - a muzzle?

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

It's much more like a monkey mouth muzzle thingamajig. And consider it done. I have only two ears left to knit. Unfortunately the yarn that I need was being knit into a beret, so I am going to finish the top of the beret in order to knit the ears for the monkey! I'm so close to being done!