Dear N,

It's officially fall here and it certainly feels like it. I spent most of the afternoon painting away in the garage through another one of Minnesota's freak thunder storms. At one point I thought it might be a good idea to go back into the house but the rain was coming down so hard I would've been soaked by the time I crossed the yard to get in. Painting is much more taxing than I thought it would be and I'm bagged.

Speaking of bags, my mesh bag is completed. I sewed on grosgrain ribbon handles and added a bow pin to girly it up a bit. I quite like it and will hopefully remember to take it with me to the grocery store.
That door bell that you see in the picture is actually a button that used to be used to buzz people in downstairs. It doesn't work anymore, which is too bad, but I've scared a few people with the buzzing noise.

Well, I am off to see if the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser is as awesome as my boss makes it out to be. I picked one up at Target yesterday and will see how it does on my bathtub. Then I'm going to make a lasagna and try out a sticky toffee pudding recipe for dessert. This rainy weather calls for some comfort food. Happy Sunday N!



Montreal Mama said...

That's a really nice bag. Is that knit or crochet?

Also - the pink bag below, I get the newsletters, I didn't see it in there? Are the needles supposed to be the top? Won't the stitches fall off the needle when using the bag?