A Growing Concern

I’m sad. I haven’t received a Hawksley Workman fan email message in such a long time. Don’t you think it’s about time? What is that crazy guy up to?

October is Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention month. At work, we are provided with a purple ribbon to wear while in programs. This year the focus is a reminder that abused children don’t always look it because child abuse isn’t always obvious. To learn more about child abuse, how to recognize the subtle and obvious signs of abuse and how to report it go to: http://www.useyourvoice.ca/ . That’s sadder than no news from Hawksley. Sometimes I just need some perspective.

I am halfway through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I was really looking forward to delving into it, but I must admit that it hasn’t been as enjoyable as the first six. It’s a bit blah and all over the place. However, there is still another half of the book – 300 pages – where some connections could be made, but I am afraid that I won’t remember the first 300 pages of details. I am in a bit of a mess.

I finished the Noro capelet, and it’s a bit too tight for my liking. It would look nice on your tiny frame, but on my taller and apparently broader shoulders, it looks a wee bit constricting. Em tried it on, and it looked perfect. Sad point made.

Next up – the RE-knitting of the Donyale socks. If you remember the first time I knit this sock, I made it so small that it didn’t go on the littlest’s feet. I went up one millimetre in needles, and I’ve knit about an inch or so, and it looks sadly GIANT. Is there a needle size between 2.25mm and 3.25mm? The cost of buying all these needles is killing me. That said, I have just remembered that I have a 40% off one item coupon for Michael’s.

B has her first of three stainless steel ‘princess’ crowns, and truth be told, it sort of frightens me. She waffles between considering it absolutely horrid and showing it off to anyone who cares to peer in her mouth. I just want to forget about it entirely, but the next appointment is in a week and a half, so it is never far from my mind. A little sad. It’s entirely my fault for waiting so long to see a dentist. Perhaps she wouldn’t have to go through this had we been a bit more on top of things. But as my dentist said, “At least we’re on the road to recovery.” And she’s right. That does make me feel better.

Bless me! I just sneezed.

In other news, B is enjoying her gymnastics and ballet classes. She is transitioning well between senior kindergarten and her kindercare days. There was some upsettiness when she realized she still had to go to ‘little’ school every other day, but the last week or two, she hasn’t made such a fuss about either. El is dragging through her homework, so we need to adjust our routines a bit, offer more encouragement, and sprinkle patience on top. I’m going to need a little more of that for sure!