A Higher Education

This weekend is Doors Open London, and this year, there are 50 different historical buildings open to public viewing. When I reviewed the list of sites, I knew automatically which one we couldn't miss! I just had to take the girls to Brescia University College and show them what their future could possibly hold. Surprisingly, they willingly piled into the car, and although "it was really weird" to just walk up to a strange building that could be seen as a bit "creepy", they followed me everywhere with awe-struck eyes and hushed tones. We had punch and cookies in the formal lounge, and El headed over to the pictures of all the graduates and immediately spied her teacher amongst the photos. She was bowled over, and I think has lots of questions for Madame on Monday. And now that I think of it, B probably has half a chocolate chip cookie still in her pocket.

We had a little more time left, so on the way home, we stopped and toured the London Waldorf School. Big mistake. The three of us cried the rest of the way home, because we are too poor to register. Well, to be honest, I haven't looked at the school fees, but I am sure they are way out of our league. It was absolutely lovely. The grade 6 students are kicking my butt in knitting socks, and the grade 8's were building canoes and writing essays on Edith Wharton. I literally swooned. But don't despair. We devised a plan for the next generation of Learns. The girls are going to attend Brescia and become scholars and achieve notable success, and with that success, they will have the means to send their children to Waldorf, and all will be well again. And with that, we wiped our runny noses and tear-streaked cheeks, and we headed off to our separate corners to quietly ponder on future opportunities.

The first of two decreases has gone well on the capelet. Hopefully a picture will be in order soon. The computer has crashed (J hasn't admitted this, but I am fear the worst), and all the pictures are on that computer as well as the camera software to upload new pictures. Let's all cross our fingers that J has enough time to 'play' around with the computer so it will turn on again.