Knitting Mojo

Dear N,

Where has it gone? I haven't touched my needles all week and it's becoming a real concern. I come home after work and stare at the basket that holds the projects that I am currently working on and nothing happens. I search knitting blogs and free pattern sites and I am not inspired by what's out there at the moment. Either I've already knit it or it's too big of a project to begin right now, what with the Christmas project deadlines looming (it'll be October on Monday!). Then I recieved my Knitting Daily email today and see this.
It's simple and lovely and is just the fall accessory that I was looking for.

Thank you for the child abuse awareness reminder. It is sadly an issue that doesn't seem to go away.
Wishing you a weekend of inspired knitting, apple desserts, and sweet little girls with new crowns.